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EReg is the Association of European Vehicle and Driver Registration Authorities. EReg is a European cooperation dealing with subjects concerning registration and documentation of vehicles and drivers

At the moment the Association has 26 members in Europe. More information about the members and the structure of EReg can be found under EReg-association 

The main objective of EReg is to bring together the European Registration Authorities to be able to:

1.  Share knowledge, experience and good practices
2.  Identify, follow and influence European developments and
3.  Take initiatives aimed at improving the performance of tasks by the
     members as European partners
4.  Establish exchange and cooperation arrangements with relevant
     other parties
5.  Promote effective and efficient data exchange

EReg has so called Topic groups dealing with subjects of common interest.

Current EReg Topic Groups

Topic Group I. International data exchange Chairman: Hans van der Bruggen – the Netherlands.  Read more

Topic Group II. Transfer and re-registration of vehicles within the Single Market Chairman: Detlef Marek – Germany. Read more

Topic Group XII. CoC data exchange Chairman: Camille Gonderinger – Luxembourg. Read more

Topic Group XVI. Combating Vehicle Crime and Fraud Chairman: Werner Postma – The Netherlands. Read more

  • EU raadsbesluit

    Besluit van de Raad van 22 december 2004, betreffende de aanpak van voertuigcriminaliteit met grensoverschrijdende implicaties.

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