AVc is nauw betrokken bij Carpol, het EU-brede netwerk van politie experts op het terrein van voertuigcriminaliteit. De Nederlandse vertegenwoordiger in Carpol werkt in het programmabureau van AVc. CARPOL is an EU experts network of national police contacts, to strengthen the coordination and cooperation within police services and between other law enforcement and judicial authorities, other competent public and private organisations both at national and EU level, in order to prevent and combat vehicle crime.


Contact Carpol: Call  +31 88 55 43201

CARPOL in key words

• Chain approach tekst carpol

  • Public private partnership

• Non operational

• Exchanging best practices

• Coordination, coherence,  consistency and continuity in common approach

• Supporting the current EU presidency within the troika

• Supervised by the Law Enforcement Working Party

Facts and figures
• 1,2 million motor vehicles are stolen each year in EU
• damage amounting to at least € 15 billion per year
• 30 to 40 %  are stolen by organized crime and used for other serious
  crimes or to 
be “normally” used within and outside the European Union
• Links to other forms of crime, such as trafficking in drugs, firearms
  and human beings
• Besides the material damage, vehicle theft is also seriously affect the
  citizens' sense of justice and feeling of security

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